Who is the esca Quartet?

esca is Edith, Sarah, Camille and Amélie – four ace musicians, passionate about their art and proud of their longstanding collaboration. Founded in 2004, esca is celebrated for its accomplished performances and, from classical to contemporary to pop, the depth of its repertoire.
What sets esca apart? A combination of solid classical training, rigour in craft and a distinctly creative approach to every concert they perform. The four musicians radiate charm, delighting audiences with their easy-going, communicative and playful energy. They are versatile, professional, and as comfortable onstage as they are in the recording studio as they are on tour with renowned artists.

esca: a decidedly feminin quartet.

Le Quatuor esca, c’est Edith, Sarah, Camille et Amélie.
Photo d'Edith Fitzgerald {e}

Edith Fitzgerald

Second Violin

E. Fitzgerald…Ella, the first lady of song, stole her initials and JFK her middle name, but Edith our Trois-Rivièrienne, has made off with their talent, intelligence and beauty – and perhaps also their flair in the shape of a rose she sports with winning and ingenuous charm, season in season out.

Early years: sports, theatre, school (always the youngest in her class), conservatoire, brisk winds off the river and an aviary – she’ll tell you all about it. Then came university, hard work, serious partying, laughter, introspection and jogging. Edith Fitzgerald is the quartet’s “metronome”. Our venerable keeper of time. She holds the reigns, contains flights of exuberance or grants liberty and abandon as fits the moment.

E for Edith…Elan, Efficiency, Ears extraordinaire, …Ergo pro…

Photo de Sarah Martineau {s}

Sarah Martineau


S. Martineau… Her first name means “princess” in Hebrew. Within esca, however, she is the mastermind, ready for everything, game for anything. Sarah the dynamo. Sarah the intellect. Sarah the impetuous and surprising. Sarah the intellect. Sarah the manager and focuser of talent who, with beating drum and clarion voice, proclaims the good name of her enterprise and mission: esca.

Sarah Martineau the soloist? Not interested. The ensemble is her oxygen. To play ‘en groupe’, this is what exults and drives her. From the conservatory to university, from her very first gig to her most recent TV appearance, Sarah remains the epitome of a team player…Chamber orchestras, pop groups, rock groups, symphony orchestras, duos, trios…One request, one binding emotion, one abiding desire: to pour into her viola, every ounce of her stunning talent.

S for Sarah….Sonority, Spontaneity, Seduction….Spinning…

Photo de Camille Paquette-Roy {c}

Camille Paquette-Roy


C. Paquette-Roy…Nobility wreathes both her name and her instrument. She grasped this as a youngster and promptly traded her lowly, proletarian arm-held violin for the august throne of the Cello. Camille, ever the pragmatist, also wanted to play sitting down. She has never regretted her decision. From Les Songes to Les Puces de Stradivarius, Arion and esca, from Ingrid St-Pierre to Jean Leloup to Half Moon Run, Camille Paquette-Roy (with her beloved chair) is a fixture on the scene, professionalism blazed at the end of each finger.

A woman of few words, Camille kaleidoscopes into images, characters and colours the moment her bow touches the strings. A sovereign of technique, she plays nonetheless with inspired sensitivity and is the ballast of the quartet. Science, emotion and vitality perfectly channelled.

C for Camille… Charm, Competence, Curiosity, Contemplation… One hundred percent Cello.

Photo d'Amélie Lamontagne {a}

Amélie Lamontagne

First Violin

A. Lamontagne… Grew up among the eskers and moraines of Abitibi. She duly practiced her scales and arpeggios at the conservatory and university, sharpening and polishing her weapons before storming the music scene. A fierce adventurer and gifted violinist, Amélie strides, bow in hand, between Europe and the Americas. She is a passionate fan of pop, jazz, world music and tango and works with an ever-growing parade of celebrities, both on stage and in studio.

According to her number one fan (her son Arthur) she is the best violinist in the whole wide world and the biggest Karaoke champion ever! In Amélie’s hands, her violin sings; thus do her accomplices describe the sensitivity, nuance and exquisiteness of her sound. It is only fitting that Amélie finds herself dubbed First Violin of the esca Quartet.

A for Amélie… Affirmative, Agile, Astonishing… Achieved.

Valliere No.3



Jean Leloup Le roi se meurt Paradis City 0:39
Half Moon Run I can't figure out what’s going on Sun leads me on 0:32
Gabrielle Shonk Habit Single 0:36
Ariane Vaillancourt Le son des cloches FIG. 1 0:40
The Brooks Mama Pain and bliss 0:33
Alexis Normand Sans attentes Alexis Normand 0:40
Sébastien Lépine III Imaginations 5.1 0:34